This Story Behind Future Of Content Marketing Will Haunt You Forever!

Before knowing the future of content marketing in India as well as in other countries, you first know the followings-

  • What is content?
  • What does content marketing mean?
  • How many types of content are there for marketing?

In marketing viewpoint content is a piece of valuable information which attract people towards a product.

Therefore, content marketing is the form of merchandise a product by producing valuable and lucrative information [content]  before the audience. In a nutshell to grab the attention of the customers so that they can buy the product.

There are many types of content for content marketing. Eg. written content such as blog post or article, infographic, picture or image, podcast, videos and so on.

Let’s go to the principal part for which this article purposed.

What is the future of content marketing in India and in the world?

The arrival of the internet in the market, the marketing strategy changes a lot. The so-called traditional methods are now at stake. All the manufacturer are adopting this policy for growing fast as it is very easy and low-cost method rather than the traditional methods like TV ads and Newspaper Ads.

People, basically the youths of the world, prefer the internet for purchasing a product more than going to a mal or a shop. Here the smartphone plays a major role. It seems to me that the future of content marketing in India is solely dependant upon the smartphone users.

You may ask me how?

Why not PC?

As per STATISTA the smartphone user are greater than the PC users in India. If you are an Indian, you might aware of the fact that people without a smartphone are rarely found here. It is increasing day by day with geometrical progression.

future of content marketing

Therefore, if you want to be a good content marketer or digital marketer, you must concentrate and focus upon the followings.

What is mobile content?

To define mobile content it is not different than the PC content. The only difference is that the shape of the content which is optimized for mobile devices.

All most all the content used in a computer are eligible for low configuration devices such as iPad, Smartphone and many others.

Here are some examples of such content-

    1. Blog post.
    1. Podcast.
    1. Videos
  1. Images

These four types of content are dominating the content marketing world. Among the three YouTube videos are the best content for marketing or promoting a product. People are more attractive watching videos than reading a 2000 words blog post.

Besides that, it is entertaining also. So, the future of content marketing seems to be based on video content.

In the western countries, podcasting is also just behind the videos. The busy people don’t have time to watch videos, they prefer listening to audio while driving a car and travelling.

Images are also very good quality content for content marketing. People love to view photo and there are also some advantages. We share images with our friends, families and near and dear ones.

Therefore, if you make an image and it becomes viral there you have nothing to do. It will automatically be shared among the people. In the case of video, it works exactly like the images.

How does it work?

Mobile content works either by entertaining people or by providing proper and perfect information. As per my point of view people like entertaining content most. They share these types of content on their Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and many other social sharing platforms.

So, to me, a lucrative and entertaining content will make yourself famous overnight. It helps you to make yourself a brand. You will be acquainted with all kinds of people of the society. And this should be the motto for being a good content marketer.

The futurity of content marketing depends upon Brands. People like brands. For example, if Neil Patel suggests you something for driving traffic to your blog, you must follow his steps. Why? Because he is a brand in the field of Digital Marketing.

Therefore, making yourself a brand by producing Videos which is trending now will be beneficial for you if you want to be a content marketer.

You may ask “What is the future of blogging?”.

According to me, blogging is a good platform for a content marketer. But the negligence of reading, basically among the Indian people, is throwing blogging for content marketing in the gutter gradually.

Getting worried? Reading my article.

This is true my dear.

But don’t get frustrated as “ Writing will remain to the end of this Universe”.

So, if you are a blogger like me continue writing with informative and reliable information, people must read your article. There are many people who like to read instead of watching videos. Though the percentage is lower than the first one.

Do you want to be a blogger? If “Yes”, create a micro niche site and find a keyword. Structure your micro niche site aand keep publishing article regularly or two or three days intervals.

Why online video is the future of content marketing?

As I mentioned above people feel more comfortable watching youtube or other kinds of videos such as Facebook, Instagram etc. than reading an email or a thousand words blog post.

According to Forbes by the end of 2019, almost 80% of traffic will be consumed by YouTube videos.

Just think of it….

Is not it the future of content marketing?

What do you think?

content marketing video

Let me explain something more interesting fact about video content…

A video embedded Blogspot has many capabilities of increasing conversion rate. It is about 80% as per Forbes.

Customers believe video content before purchasing a product. You will observe the growth rate of YouTube channels and its viewers.

What does this indicate?

If you are a digital marketer or want to be you might realize the fact.

Do you know the name of James L. McQuivey, a famous Digital Marketing expert?

According to him “A single minute of video content is equivalent to 1.8 million words.

Video and Email-

The human behaviour of opening an email has changed. They prefer video embedded email than an ordinary email with a lot of texts. The CTR (Click Through Rate) is high for this kind of email.

Though image embedded email also does exactly like this. But it does not surpass the first one.

Promoting a product through email is a well-known process. And embedded with video makes it more and more acceptable.

It is observed that Click Through Rate of this kind of email is higher than the email with text only.

What needs to do now-

-Purchase a camera or a good quality smartphone with a high-resolution camera.

-Get up early in the morning…

-Have a cup of tea.

-Make yourself ready.

-Shoot a video.

-Edit it properly.

-Publish it on YouTube and BANG……

And while sending an email and publishing a blog post embed your video with it. People will surely land in your page or open the email you sent.

Will text content be dead, what do you think?

The answer is a big “NO”.

Do you think, why?

Let’s take an example.

There is a lot of News Channel and YouTube Video for every kind of News. People like to watch this news and it is true that they watch these.

Is that mean the publishing of  News Paper become closed or dead? Not at all. People are still reading it. There are a lot of information available on the internet about health, fashion, lifestyle and so on.

Is the selling of Books and Magazine ended?

So, don’t think of it. If you are a blogger and at the same time a content marketer, you may be anxious about the future of content marketing through text content. I assure you that the text content will never die. It will remain forever. The ratio may decrease or varies only.

But there is a disadvantage of text content.

Are you curious to know about it?

Just keep reading…

The disadvantage is SEO. SEO is becoming harder and harder day by day. After the implementation of AI on search engine algorithm, Google and other search engine became very smart. They are working exactly like a human brain.

Therefore, to rank an article on Google’s first page is very difficult for everyone even for SEO Experts also.

Yet, if you somehow rank an article on the first page in No. 1 or 2, there is none to reach you. Keep in mind that the conversion rate of text content [Blog Post] is still greater than any other content.

This is because people come to Google in buying intention. Therefore, quality content with to the point information has a more stable conversion rate.

But the problem is that there are very few content writers who can produce a good quality of text content.

All the industry is searching for such kind of content writer.

Do you want to be such a quality content writer and thinking for its future? If so, let’s have a look.

What is the future of a quality content writer?  

The future of content marketing depends on quality content as you know. In SEO’s point of view, unique and standard content can rank very fast. But for the lack of content writer, the digital marketing industry is lagging behind as I think.

If you make yourself a good quality content writer, you can earn a lot of money. As per PAYSCALE.COM the average salary of a content writer is 243264.00 INR per year. And it increases as per your experiences.

future of content marketing salary

Besides that, you can have the opportunity of making money through freelancing. There are many blogs and websites which find a writer for their article. They pay per word. Can you imagine the demand, opportunity and future of a quality writer?

Are you still thinking about the future of content marketing?

Just go to the website and register yourself to be a content writer and know the demand.


Is there any other option for making money online through content writing?

Of course, there are many options in the internet world for a content writer. One of the best is blogging.

What you need to do is to launch a blog after taking a niche on which you have grasps and publish quality content. Join the Affiliate Programme and insert link to your article and make money.

You can also join Google Adsense and Media dot Net for earning.

Remember one thing, Affiliate Marketing is the best way of making money online. As soon as you rank an article on Google’s first page your affiliate income will increase daily and automatically.

Thinking how to write content for a blog-

Writing a blog post is different than writing a book. It is a little bit of tricky. People don’t like to read a 2000 or 3000 words blog post.

So, some strategies are to be followed if you are writing an article. If you don’t know, there are many courses on the internet which will guide you with proper steps.

I also purchased some course from Lynda, Skillshare etc..

But recently I have purchased a course from Digital Deepak.Com by Sanjay Shenoy from PicelTrack.Com. The course is very very good for being a content writer. You can buy it if you wish.

You will find every step from the beginning to the end of writing an article. The tools, the idea and so on.

Some tools for writing and getting ideas are-

    1. Answer The Public.[For keyword suggestion]
    1. Ubersuggest.[For keyword research]
    1. Hemingway.[For writing a good post repeated words counting and suggestions]
    1. Grammarly.[The best for writing. It helps you to correct your grammatical mistakes and will give you proper word suggestion]
    1. Google Docs.[For writing from anywhere]
    1. Google Trends.[For Trending Topics]
    1. Evernote. [For keeping the ideas]
  1. Google Alerts. [For getting yourself aware of the topics for which you are writing]


Writing a perfect blog post or an article take times. It is not possible to write a good piece of article overnight.

There are many people say” I can’t write.” It is because you don’t write. So, I suggest you to write regularly to be a good content writer.

I assure you that you will one day be a good and famous content writer. Don’t think about the future of content marketing. Just keep writing.


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