How do you become an affiliate marketer?

If you are striving for being a good affiliate marketer and you are searching for  “How do you become an affiliate marketer? or How to be a good affiliate marketer?”, then this article will help you properly step by step to serve your query. Therefore, I suggest you read it carefully and minutely. You must go through the conclusion section where you will find the key.


Let’s begin our journey to be a good affiliate marketer. Here is your question and below is your answer.

 How to be an affiliate marketer?

The popularity of making money through the internet is increasing rapidly day by day. If you Google using the term “How to make money online”, the result you will see may startle you. It proves the popularity of internet marketing without which it is not possible to earn a little bit of amount from the web.

There are many ideas available on the internet on the subject. Affiliate marketing is one of the best practice. It is the easiest and famous way by which anybody can earn money. If you want, you can.

But before going to be an affiliate marketer, you must know what affiliate marketing is, how it works, which affiliate programme is the best, how you run it and how much money you will earn from it.


What is affiliate marketing?

It’s a kind of method for selling goods online and making money by getting a commission through the referral link. It became popular at the advent of the internet in the market. This is the modified terms of mediator or agent.

It is not new in the market. If you study, you will find that from the ancient time it is continuing in the world to date. Many people around the world are earning money using this strategy.

For example, if you want to rent a room from a hotel, you will find many people in front of the hotel insisting you to go to this from that hotel. Sometimes you will also find many taxi drivers recommending you to go to a particular hotel furnishing the facility of that hotel in comparison with another one. Because they will get a commission if they refer a customer to them.

Affiliate marketing is exactly like this. Here an affiliate marketer refers a person to buy a product from his or her referral link to get a commission from the seller.

How does it work?

Now almost every people are using the internet with their Smartphone. You are not an exceptional one. While surfing the web, watching youtube videos or chatting with a friend on Facebook, you will find many Ads promoting a product.

If you click those particular Ads, you will land in a website where you will discover that product with a buy button. And if you buy it, the advertiser will get a commission. Who is the advertiser? The advertiser is none other than an affiliate marketer.

Many affiliate marketers create a landing page and run Google Adwords advertisements which is costlier than other advertisements programme. You will find this kind of ads on Google’s first page in No. 1, No. 2 or No. 3 position which depends on the amount you paid for running the ads to the Google.

Instead of all, the most productive way of running an affiliate programme is by creating a website. So, to be an affiliate marketer first you need to create a website. It may be in Blogspot or WordPress. But to me, WordPress is the best platform for creating a website without knowing a single line of code.

Here you will find many plugins which will help you prepare your site’s SEO, optimizing the image you are using in your site and so on. But before creating a website or blog you first choose your niche on which you have knowledge and passion.

How do you choose your niche?

This is the most complicated question. Here none can assist you. You yourself have to choose it because none can know your interest, passion, and knowledge. But before choosing a niche do research on it.

Good research will help you to rank your blog or site easily. You must follow the market demands before choosing a particular niche. But don’t ignore your interest because you have to create good quality content on this subject.

If you select a niche on which you have no knowledge or a little bit of knowledge, you will not produce good content before your audience and they will leave your site without reading it. Therefore, you will lose your confidence and get demotivated. So, be careful about it.

Here are some ideas which are trending in the market. If you are interested in the subject, you can choose.

    • Health and Fitness.
    • Childcare.
    • Face Care.
    • Pet Care.
    • Mountain Tracking.
    • Traveling.
    • Home Decoration.
    • Online Coaching.
    • Video and Photo Editing.
  • Mobile Photography.

But to me, it is better for you to grab micro niche which is under a particular niche I mentioned above. By electing micro niche you can rank your site very easily as the competition on it is less.

Consequently, create good and unique content which will give value to your readers. While publishing article leaves your affiliate link. You have to convince your reader placing a good quality and lucrative writing before them.

Now build your website and keep publishing article. What next? Now follow.

Build an audience:

This is the most important thing if you want to be a good digital marketer. Building an audience is the toughest work for a digital marketer. If you succeeded in this job, then you have done 90% of work to establish yourself to be a good digital marketer.

There is a question. How do you build an audience? Here are some tips that can help you in making a good number of audience. Let’s have a look.

Tips#1. Present good quality content which gives values to your reader. Always remember that people like simple language rather than a complicated one. So, write content using simple and easy language. Don’t use too much jargon which will mess up your article.

Tips#2. Write such in a way that while reading your article the reader feels that he or she is talking to you. By your writing, you have to force your readers to feel that you are not away from them. This kind of article will convey trust to your readers that you are the right person they are looking for.

Tips#3. Always explain the pros and cons if you are reviewing a product and writing on it. Don’t furnish only the bright side of the product. It will convey some kind of untrustable message to your reader.

Tip#4. Use real images without too much editing. Some affiliate marketers use stock or highly edited images. Don’t do that. If you do that you will lose your reliability gradually. People will not trust you.

Tips#5. Capture email. It is possible only when you are able to convince your reader through your writing. To capture email you have to use an email capturing form. Use it in the widget area in your article’s page. Don’t use it as pop up windows. It is very irritating from reader’s point of view. I personally feel that.

Keep yourself active in Social Media:

Currently Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are one of the easiest sources to connect with people. If you keep increasing your friend circle, you will be able to turn your friend into a customer.

Do you know how many people around the world are using Social Media? You will flinch to see the result. It is about 2,300,000,000 people.So, without wasting time grow your friend circle using Social Media platform.


These three platforms will help you to make your identity in the internet world. So, think of it and its power in the marketing world.

It will also help you to know your friend’s interest which in return gives you the idea of promoting a product to them. Therefore, keep questioning them about their hobbies, interest etc. using this platform.

What do you do now?

By following the above-mentioned tips you may capable of growing your audience gradually. These will also help you to make yourself a Brand. Remember that people like Brand. If you succeed, you will be a good affiliate marketer one day. But it is not possible overnight. So, keep patience.

After making yourself a brand or good affiliate marketer by placing excellent content before the public or your reader promote the product as per your niche. I assure you that your reader will definitely buy it through your affiliate link.

Here is a question that puzzles your mind right now “Which affiliate programme is the best?” by which you can earn a decent amount of money. Roll your mouse you will find your answer.

Best Affiliate Programme:-

Here is a list of the best affiliate programme which will give you a decent commission if you refer a customer to them. Let’s have a look.

  • Amazon – It is the best affiliate programme to me. By adopting its programme you can promote your product worldwide. I keep it in the first position because Amazon is well acquainted throughout the world and everybody rely on it. Besides that, it gives a decent commission and it cookies remain 24 hours in the browsers. Besides these, the payout is very easy and flexible in Amazon Associates. But if you use a regular link, your cookies will last for 90 days. minimum payout is a little bit of higher. It is a minimum $100.
  • ClickBankIt is also a well-known affiliate programme. Almost all the online marketers use this platform. Here the commission is better than any other affiliate programme. Therefore I recommend you to go with this platform if you want to earn a lump sum amount of money. Almost all the products are available here. Every affiliate marketer prefers ClickBank for its long-lasting cookies. It remains for 60 days.
  • Flipkart Flipkart also runs affiliate programme. It is one of the most popular eCommerce sites in the Web. You can join its programme. But the commission rate is lower than those two. Instead of all, you can promote every kind of product using this programme. Flipkart cookies last for 24 hours and the minimum payout is Rs. 250 (INR).
  • Shopify It is one of the most profitable affiliate programmes. Shopify is growing rapidly and becoming famous for its referral sign up commission. Here you will have two kinds of commission. By promoting a product and by referring a person to sign up using your referral link. If a person signs up through your link, you will get 200% commission. But the only drawback is that Shopify is a paid platform.
  • eBay– By adopting this platform you can earn a lot of money. It will provide you 50 to 70% revenue. But the revenue varies depending upon the product you promote. Its cookies last for 24 hours. Therefore, you can go for it.

Some others Affiliate Programme:-

If you are a blogger and writing blogs on SEO, Blogging Tips and Tricks then you can go for Blogging Tools and Hosting Affiliate Programme. Almost all the Hosting provider runs this programme. Here are some examples.

  • Hostgator- If you refer 21 people in a month, you will earn 63000.00 INR. Per month 1 To 5 Sign Up will give you Rs.1200.00, 6 To 10 will give Rs.1650.00, 11 To 15 will give you 2250.00, 16 To 20 Rs. 2500.00 and 21+ will give you Rs. 3000.00.
  • HostingerHere you will get 60% commission from all kind of web hosting. The sign-up process for Hostonger is very simple. You can go for it to earn a lot of money.
  • TMD Hosting This hosting provider will give you a lump sum commission. Its affiliate plan is- 1 To 10 per month is 50$ (Shared Hosting), 50$ (Cloud Hosting), $75 (VPS Hosting) and 100$ (Dedicated Server). You will find many other plans.
  • SiteGroundAffiliate  Commission of SiteGround is 1 To 5 Sale/Month will provide you $50/Sale, 6 To 10 Sale/Month is  $75/Sale, 11 To 20 sale/Month is $100/Sale and 21+ will give you a custom commission.
  • BigRockCommission 1 To 6/Month is 750.00INR/Sale, 6 To 10/Month is (800.00INR+50.00 Bonus), 11 To 20/Month is (900.00INR+150 INR Bonus) and 21+ is (1000.00INR + 250.00INR). The commission is per sale.
  • ResellerClubThe Affiliate Commission of this Hosting provider is really good. In Shared Hosting 1-10 Sale/Month is 2000.00/Sale, 11-20 Sale/Month is 2750.00/Sale and 21+ 3500.00. In Reseller Hosting it will give you 1-10 Sale/Month Rs. 2750.00/Sale, 11-20 Rs. 4000.00/Sale, 21+ Rs. 5000.00/Sale. There are also many other plans available. You can explore their site to see their affiliate plan.
  • Godaddy–  I suggest you visit the website to view their affiliate plan. To view their plan you have to sign up first.
  • Bluehost–  It also gives a good commission. Please visit their affiliate programme and promote. Keep in mind this is one of the best Hosting provider company in the world.
  • Namecheap–  It is a well-known Hosting provider. You can go for it after signing up to their site.
  • Inmotion–  The commission of this Hosting provider is 1-10 Sale/Month is $50/Sale, 11-20 Sale/Month is $80/Sale, 21-30 Sale/Month is $120/Sale, 30+ Custom Commission.

N.B- The commission varies from time to time.

Though these are not complete affiliate programme like Amazon, ClickBank etc. but you can get a lump sum amount of money if you promote their Hosting. These programmes are for those people who are already in this field or going to seize this field or going to make a website.

How do you run an Affiliate programme?

If you are successful in creating a good number of audience, then promoting a product is not difficult. First of all, you need to know the need of your audience and fulfill their necessity by providing a good quality product.

To promote a product you may send email, make a good video on Youtube or write a good blog post. These all depend on your skill. If you want to be a good affiliate marketer, you have to develop your communication skill.

    • Email Sending:- This is the easiest way of encouraging your audience to buy a product through your link. So, send email to your subscribers at regular intervals. However, sending too much email to a person may be an adverse effect. So, don’t send email frequently. Maintain a time for sending it.
    • YouTube Video:- If you have a YouTube channel and have many subscribers, you can promote a product easily. Here you can visualize the product to your audience. It is the cheapest way of making money online by promoting a product. You need not to buy a hosting, domain etc.. Only you have to do is to make a good quality video with valuable content. Therefore, leave your affiliate link below your video and encourage them to buy it from your link. That’s all you have to do.
  • Publishing Good Blog Post:- You can publish a good quality blog post with a proper description of the product you are promoting. Though it is not so easy as the two methods I mentioned above but the conversion rate is very good in respect of others. But keep in mind that you have to rank your post in the Google first page. For this, you must have knowledge of SEO. If you have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, you will be a good affiliate marketer. There is no confusion about it.

All these three methods are, to me, very useful to be a good affiliate marketer. Every affiliate marketer in the world is following this strategy for selling something online through their link.

How much money will you earn?

There is no limit how much money you will earn from affiliate marketing. But it depends on your niche. Here is my research.


    • If you are an apprentice or newbie, you may have to lose money for some days.
    • On the intermediate level, you can earn at least 100$ per day and more.
  • And at the high level, there is no limitation. It may be 300$ per day or 3000$ per day. It depends on your work and dedication.

Can you imagine the power of an affiliate marketer for making money from home? So, if you are searching for “How do you become an affiliate marketer?”, read this post and make yourself money maker machine.


If you want to be a good affiliate marketer, you have to stay focused all the time. Keep eyes on the markets and your competitors. You can take the help of Google Alerts to watch the activity of your competitors.

Stay connected with your audience. If they question you, answer them as soon as possible. It will increase reliability. Remember that business depends on faith and faith depends on trust. If your audience trusts you, it is not difficult to sell a product to them.

Use Google Analytics to know your users easily. It will provide you with the details of your users such as their age, gender, which device they are using to follow you and from where they are accessing your blog or site. Analyzing these data, you will promote a product according to their liking.

Therefore, not wasting time keep growing trust among your audience and keep yourself a Brand in the markets.

This is the key to be a good digital or affiliate marketer. If you succeed in creating trust among your subscribers or readers, there is no need to do any kind of course of digital marketing or affiliate marketing.

Last but not least, keep reading your audiences’ mind and what they want from you. To do this you may take the help of Social Engineering. Do smart work instead of hard work like offering something free if a visitor of your blog subscribe you. For example, you can offer an eBook etc.. This will increase your audience rapidly.

Disclaimer. The commission and the cookies’ remaining time may differ from my information as it changes time to time. Therefore, I request you to visit their page before signing up for being their associates.


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