How to write an email for affiliate marketing

Writing email is an art and for an affiliate marketer, this art has to be acclimatized properly. It has great importance in online marketing. It plays a crucial role to sell anything on the internet. If you are an affiliate marketer or want to be, you should know how to write an email for affiliate marketing and how to send it to your subscriber or the person you know well.

Feeling worried!!!

If you are, this article may solve your problem. After exploring the internet and talking over the people who received too many emails I am writing this post. I have noticed that most of the persons with whom I talked delete mail from their inbox before reading it.

When I asked them why they do this before reading, the answer they present before me, force me to write this article.

Let’s dive into the matter and know how to write an email for affiliate marketing and when to send it so that your targeted people can read it.

How to send email for affiliate marketing

Instructions to compose an email for offshoot promoting:

Before composing an email we have to know the structure of it. The structure consists of four sections- Heading, Salutation or Greeting, Body and End or Signature.

Heading-  This part of a mail is very important. The opening rate depends upon it only. You have to write a catchy headline. Thinking why? Let’s have an example. Suppose, you are standing in front of a Book Stall and watching the front page of all the magazines hanging there. Ask yourself what attract you the best. It might be the Headline and the cover pager. Is not it?

What happens in your mind when you read a catchy, appealing and foot-tapping title of a Magazine or a Book. You may think of buying it though you don’t have any intention of buying it before seeing the title. And ultimately you might buy it. Therefore, you may come to realize the significance of a lucrative heading.

If you are struggling to find a catchy title of the mail you are going to send for promoting a product, you may take the help of some free tools available on the internet. Here are some of them-


These are actually the blog post title generator. But you can generate your mail headlines altering a little bit according to your requisition.

Salutation or Greeting- As per my point of view salutation or greeting does not have a great effect on drafting an email for promoting a merchandise to anybody. You may have gone for just- Hi!/ Hello!/Dear/ Sir etc..

Body- The body of a mail is the central portion which contains the message you convey to your buyer. Therefore, you should concentrate on this part. It should contain some values. If you are promoting a product through your mail, first communicate with the people whom you are targeting.

You may think how? Here are some examples of how to write an email for affiliate marketing. These may be helpful for you.

The first mail you sending should not contain any affiliate link. Suppose you are going to promote a Mobile Phone which is going to be launched very soon.

Begin sending mail before 10 days ere it is launched. Your first mail should be like this-

Hay! There,

Hope you are doing well.

Here is a good news for you.

XYZ company is going to launch its new variants [Model No]of Smart Phone very soon.

As you are one of my subscribers it is my duty to let you know that. I think so….


With Regards,

[Here is your signature with Photo]

Your second mail should look like this-


How are you today? Hope you are well.

I am sending this mail assuming that you have read my first mail.

If you have gone through the first one, I remind you that there are only 5 days left to launch the Mobile.


With regards,

[Here is your signature with Photo]

The third mail you send to the subscribers should contain a picture and you should send it before one day of launching the product. The mail should be written like this-

Hi! Sir,

Are you getting well today? I think so…

Here is the picture of the mobile going to be launched on [Date] at [Time].

[Insert an image of the phone here]

How to send email for affiliate marketing

Give a brief description of it like RAM, Camera, Storage, Battery etc..

If you want to know more [Insert Affiliate Link].

Insert your signature exactly like the first one.

You may think why I suggest inserting the affiliate link. It is for cookies. You must know that almost all the affiliate programme uses cookies for 24 hours. Hence, if the person clicks to see other features of the product, the cookies will remain for 24 hours. Therefore, you will get the benefit of it if he/she purchase anything from there within 24 hours.

The next mail should be like the one I furnished below. Just send it after 24 hours of the previous mail so that you can continue the cookies for the next 24 hours.


Are you still thinking about purchasing the phone?

If so, compare the features of the phone with the one you are using now. [Insert Affiliate Link]

[Insert a beautiful image with link]

If you find something new, you can buy.

There are only a few left in the market.

Take it before someone ……….

Hurry up!!!!!

[Your signature and photo like the above]

No needs to write thanks or regards as you already make a relationship with the persons by sending three emails to them. I forget to tell you that the image should be within 40 KB. You should optimize it properly without losing its quality. It will open quickly.

Capitalize and Italicized some important words. It will increase the readability of the text.   

Signature or End section-  Again I suggest you insert your own image in this portion. It will increase your reliability. You should also include address and your blog or website name.

One thing I recommend you is to build a micro niche site. It is easy to rank in the Google’s first page. Here are some micro niche site ideas for affiliate marketing. You can take the advantages of these ideas.

How do you send so many emails at a time?

This is the most interesting question. I also agree with you. But, you need not to worry about it. There are many email sending tools available in the market. Some of them are free and some are paid.

How to send email for affiliate marketing

If you are a newbie, you can go for free tools. Though these tools have less functionality compare to the paid. Here I am suggesting some tools both free and paid-

    • MailChimp– It is available both in free and paid. I recommend you to go for free first. Here you will send 12000 total emails per month and can make 2000 subscribers. It is Forever free plans. You need to sign up only. But in this plan, you can not access all the features like scheduling mail sending option etc..
    • – It is the most popular email sending tool with a lot of functionality. You can schedule your email sending time. This is a paid tool. I have encountered that most of the digital marketer and blogger use this tool. If you want, you can buy their subscription. But I can not suggest it for a newbie. Their plans also include a trial for one month. By adopting this you can explore its user interface which will help you in later time.
    • – This is also a praiseworthy email marketing with too much functionality. It is not free. You have to buy their plan to use it. You can register here for one-month free trial. But you can send only fifty emails.
    • – It is a paid tool. But you can take advantage of this tool for free for one month. With this tool, you can optimize your mail for mobile also like the above. To view their plans go to their site.
  • This is also my favorite tool. It is both free and paid. With the free plan, you can send 300 email per day which is enough for a newbie. Its user interface is also easy and flexible.

Some others Email Marketing tools:

There are also many other email marketing tools accessible in the market. You can avail these.


Just go and explore their website to view their plans and functionality.

When do you send mail to your subscribers or customers?

Choosing an appropriate time for sending email for affiliate marketing can increase conversion rate. Today’s people are very busy. They have not much time to read your email if you send now and then. You have to do some analysis or research before sending email to the person whom you are targeting for selling a product.

Basically, I found people opening their inbox when they are free from their daily work. You have to know their time. Thinking how? Just follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

According to my research, most of the people go to social media at their relaxation and it is in the evening or while going to bed.

Therefore, schedule your email sending time accordingly. It will give you much more result than broadcasting haphazardly.

Why do people not read maximum email?

The reason behind not reading the mail you send to them-

Reason No#1. As I told today’s people are very busy with their work. They have not too much time for reading a 500 words mail with too much-complicated words. But most of the senders do this.

Reason No#2. Use of heavy images takes a long time to open inbox. So, the receiver gets irritated and delete the mail.

Reason No#3. Some affiliate marketers send too many emails. The receivers then think these emails as spam and delete these before reading.

Reason No#4.  Many of them don’t use real photo or address. This kind of message is not reliable. So, the recipient doesn’t read it thinking it to be untrustable.

Reason No#5. Sending an email to those persons who are not interested in you and your content forces them to delete your emails.


My suggestion before sending an email for affiliate marketing is to know your audience first. Like their choice, their intention, their problems etc..

You must write your emails that can solve your audience’s’ problem. Misleading them can be harmful to you in the long run. You will lose your trustability.

I also recommend you to write in your audience’s native language, if possible. It will be very easy for them to read as there are many people who are weak in English. They ignore the message in English.


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