Impact of Digital Marketing on Offline Marketing

Before going through the article on the “Impact of Digital Marketing on Offline Marketing“, let’s have a look at what is Digital Marketing and What is Offline Marketing?

Offline Marketing-

Briefly, the definition of offline marketing is the process of selling something through shop by promoting a product using the traditional methods.

These methods include Radio advertisements, Tv ads, Newspaper ads and by hanging hoarding or banner in the streets of the markets or locality. Sometimes, on the roof of a big building as we see.

Often it also includes the announcement or miking in the traditional markets or “Bazar”. The shopkeepers also distribute leaflets to the people to advocate their product giving some discount at the time of any local occasion or festivals.


Digital Marketing or Online Marketing-

Online marketing is a strategy of promoting or selling a product on the Internet or on the web. This is the present generation marketing strategy which is being adopted by almost all the marketers or company.

Online or internet marketing is the easiest and cheapest marketing policy nowadays. It works only on the web. Anyone can earn a lot of money taking the advantage of online marketing.

If you want, you can also do it from your home with a little bit of investment. This is the simplest way of making money online from home. You can take it as an extra income source.


Difference between Online and Offline Marketing:-

After reading the above section you might realize the difference between the two marketing strategies. However, there is a huge difference which you may not realize right now.

But if you continue reading the article, you can comprehend the dissimilarity between the two methods. Though the only thing that resembles the two methods is to promote a product.

Let’s have a deep look on the subjects-

Traditional marketing which we call as Offline marketing does not require too much knowledge on the internet. It requires money only. By spending a lot of money on advertisements a traditional marketer can grab the buyers attention to a product.

It depends only on advertisements whether it is by printing, filming or announcing.

On the other hand, a digital marketer needs too much knowledge on the internet. He/She has to have command over Facebook Ads campaign, Google Ads campaign and other networks Ads campaign.

Notwithstanding to say that Google Ads which we call Google Adwords has a great conversion rate in comparison with other Ads network. This is because the people search something in Google with buying intention.

Besides that, all digital marketers have to have proficiency in SEO or Search Engine Optimization if they run a Website. Needless to say that it is necessary for all the DM to run their own blog or website.

Therefore, digital marketing also needs money for running Social Media Ads, Google Ads and website. But in comparison with the first one, it requires less money. Here skills give better performance than wealth.

Though offline marketing requires a lot of money there are many advantages of offline marketing. Think of it, a Tv Ads can reach to the corner of a room of a remote village displaying a product on the Tv screen.

But a social platform ads can be visible only to those persons who are active on it. But in the present era, almost 90% of people are active on social media platform whether it is FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp.


Impact of Digital Marketing on Offline Marketing-

Undoubtedly, Digital Marketing is the present generation marketing strategy. The growth of internet users seems to beat offline marketing in the future. Men feel more comfortable purchasing anything from home instead of going to the traditional market.

You will also feel alike. This is occurring due to our busy scheduled. Today people are so busy that they can not manage a little time to go outside for buying something even for their kids too.

While you are asked to bring anything for your household work or for your, mother, father, kids or even your wife, the thought come to your mind is to open internet and searching this product online.

If you find the product with proper description and review, you must order it online rather than going to a shop or a mol. Besides that, there are many products with the same category available in the online market. It helps you to compare the price and features of the product at home.

How does it impact on Offline?

After doing some research on the internet and getting the opinion of the people in our locality and surrounding markets I came to realize the impact which I am describing below.

Suppose you are a DM and you are promoting a product by using the methods I furnished above and a person views it somehow. It may be in his FaceBook profile or watching YouTube videos.

Influenced by the Ads, you are running, the person buys the product in a shop or mol. Some people also search the product on the internet before buying it from the local market.

Therefore, your hard work is theft by other. This is how it helps the traditional marketing. Though in the long run, it helps the producers or the company for selling their product which is the main goal from their end.

In vice versa, the second one also helps the first one. A buyer can buy a product through online after viewing the advertisement in the Tv, Newspaper, magazines or from the banner in the markets.

How does Digital Marketing affect Offline Marketing?

As I mentioned above that for purchasing a product we first pick up our phone to find it online. This kind of behavior in our mind is affecting the offline marketing.

The young generation is more reluctant to go to the conventional market than the aged persons. So, do you realize the future of digital marketing? You must.

If you study, you will notice that they are so reluctant that they even don’t go to pay their electricity, telephone or other bills in the office. Instead, they pay it through online.

This kind of activity on the internet is gradually changing the marketing strategy. The offline marketing policy silently turns into an online one.

It seems that online marketing will surpass the so-called traditional marketing one day. The percentage of the online buyer is increasing daily. This is due to too much use of the smartphone with internet connection globally.

As I observe that the youths of the world get up in the morning with their phone in hand and go to bed chatting with their friends and it continues until they sleep. This comportment of the younger generation is affecting the offline marketing policy or tactics.

Therefore, internet marketing is going to be the next generation marketing strategy. So, there is a huge opportunity in online marketing in the ensuing days.

Instead of all the above-mentioned fact, there is a great impact of digital marketing on offline marketing. Do you think how? Then continue reading. I am explaining step by step.


What will be the future of Offline marketing?

After reading the above section you may think that there will be no existence of traditional or offline marketing in the future. If you are thinking so you are making some mistakes in this regard.

Probably, it is not possible. In one word it is impossible. Internet or online marketing which we call digital marketing today and the traditional marketing which we call offline marketing to have their own place in the field of marketing. One can’t replace another in any condition. But the ratio between the two will differ in future.

However, in some less advanced countries, traditional marketing is in its peak position. The people of those countries are not fully acquainted with internet marketing yet. They prefer the first one rather than the second one.

It is also true that you can not apply online marketing strategy in some cases. Suppose you want to buy a home or a land for making a home or other purposes. Will you buy it online? Obviously, you will not do this kind of mistake. As there is a huge chance of being cheated.

But you can find it online and buy it with the help of brokers. So, to me, these two marketing strategies will go in parallel always. This is a kind of impact on offline marketing.

Advantages and disadvantages of offline marketing:

Though online marketing is playing a major role in the market there are some disadvantages also. Here you have to purchase a product seeing its picture and review only.

In this context, offline marketing is more reliable than the first one. You can purchase a product after handling it. In many cases, I observed that the product I purchased online does not comply with the picture I saw.

For example, if you buy a shirt, you may have to compromise something like fitting, color, quality etc.. In one word in online you have to depend on others’ word but in offline you can’t rely on others. You will have your product in your own liking.

Besides that, you will have face to face interaction while purchasing a commodity from a shop near your house. This interaction gives the buyers a kind of loyal satisfaction for buying a product.

Other benefits or advantages-

  • No needs of internet connection with smartphone, laptop or desktop.
  • No fears of online transactions which is one of the biggest problems. People sometimes get cheated and their money cannot be recovered. There is no chance of such incidents.
  • Helps to get faster feedback from your customers.
  • Make a bold relationship very fast which is highly needed.
  • Instead of all, it is for all kind of business whether it is big or small.

Advantages and disadvantages of online marketing:-

Instead of some disadvantages in the internet or online marketing, there are also many advantages which we can’t ignore. We can’t escape the fact that some products are not available basically in the small markets due to less demand.

The shopkeeper or the owner of the mal always try to keep those products which have great demand. They don’t want to invest money in less demanding commodities.

But in online you will find every kind of product. The availability of all kind of products is popularizing the online market rapidly. We can’t deny it. In this situation, online marketing is ahead of offline marketing.

It also assists to grab the international markets. A small company can publicize its product by applying this technique. From a small company’s perspective, this method plays a great role in the global as well as in the local markets.

Some other advantages:-

  • You can extend your business sitting at home or office without any hassle.
  • Can grow your brand name easily with a small investment.
  • Can reduce your competition by creating trust among them.
  • You can get more response connecting with your consumers from sitting in a place.
  • Can get faster results than the other.


According to me, the impact of digital marketing on offline marketing is much more than I described above. In reality, I found that many customers convert into offline after comparing and viewing the price online instead of buying it online.

When I asked those customers why have they changed their mind? The answer I got from their end is really praiseworthy.

They told me that if they bought it from online, they would have not so much customer service compared to the traditional shop provides. They also opined that if they find any defect after purchasing the product they will instantly replace it. And I also agree with their opinion.

In this respect, offline marketing is ahead of online marketing. But in some cases like purchasing any kind of electrical or electronics goods, I found that the customers prefer online rather than offline.

Besides these, too much fraudulent activity on the internet forces the buyer to change their mentality of buying something online.

Therefore a secure gateway for the transaction and proper identity of the seller will improve the digital marketing. Though some measures have already been taken it still needs to be improved.


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