Impact of AI on SEO | Future of Digital Marketers

Impact of AI on SEO and Future of Digital Marketers -Presently AI is playing a great role on SEO i.e. on search engine optimization. This is affecting the digital marketers extremely. It becomes very difficult for them to rank a website or blog on Google’s first page. This is occurring due to the implementation of AI on SEO.

You may think about how does it is affecting the Digital Marketers. It’s sound odd. Is not it? Let’s have a look in this matter.AI Impact on SEO

How does AI on SEO hitting the Digital Marketers?

If you are a digital marketer, you must hear about Rank Brain which is implemented by Google on its algorithm. It is a kind of machine learning. By applying this Google gives first preference to those sites which has relevant content.

It helps the user to find suitable content according to their query. But for a digital marketer, it is very difficult to write a 2500 words blog post with the proper description because they have not so much time to do so. A digital marketer has to do a lot more thing such as social media sharing, Email sent to their client and SMS sending for promoting a product.

If he or she engages himself or herself for writing a descriptive article then the other work will be beyond their hand. Then how do they earn money? You may think how did they do before? That is why I am writing this post.

Before the implementation of AI on SEO, there was a lot more option for a blogger to rank their website on Google’s first page. They did their blog or site’s SEO by stuffing keyword, making Back Link through commenting on others post etc. But now all the strategy has gone.

Today Google became very smart. Google is trying to show the relevant result to the searchers at any cost.

How does AI work on SEO?

Artificial Intelligence is machine learning as I mentioned above. It is working on SEO by regulating the users’ behaviour on the site and scanning the content of a blog thoroughly. If it appears that the users come to the site and left it within a few second that indicates that the content does not satisfy the searcher query properly.

Today AI does the work exactly like a human being though not 100% but nearly it. You might learn about Sofia, a lady robot owned by Saudi Arabia. She is doing her work exactly like a human being. She got the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Can you imagine it? This is the power of Artificial Intelligence which is being implemented by every industry.

Then Google’s algorithm based on AI thinks that the content of the site is not perfect. This is the impact of AI on SEO now. And for this, every blogger and the website owner has to face a little bit of difficulty to rank high in Google.

Besides that Google bots are also scanning the content of the site with the help of AI. It is giving almost perfect result though not 100% to me as per my research.

Day by day scientists is improving Artificial Intelligence. Google is taking its advantages on its algorithm for betterment. It is only for increasing its users. Therefore, the previous strategy of doing SEO has gone to the gutter.

The question is how do you rank your site in the present condition. It is very easy now. You don’t have to do a lot of work on this. If you go through the post you will find the way of ranking your site high. Here at the bottom of this post, I am describing some tips on ranking your site for a long-tail keyword though there is no certainty as Google is updating its algorithm frequently. But it helps me a lot. You can try it.

How does the long-tail keyword help to rank high in Google?

SEO is becoming complicated progressively due to voice search. People are using their Smartphone for searching their query. Moreover, many companies like Amazon and Google itself have launched voice search devices of their own.

Today’s people are more comfortable in voice search than typing something on the keyboard. The effect of such search falls on Search Engine. As a result, Google itself faces trouble to provide a relevant result to its searchers. You may ask me why I told you Google Search Engine gives us more appropriate result than before if Google itself gets difficulty for it. Let’s take an example-
If someone searches like “Who is the best digital marketer in the world who does his website’s SEO himself?” Here the difficulty occurs. Many keywords stuff the query and trouble the search engine.

In this situation, long-tail keywords come to assist the Google algorithm based on AI to show proper result. This impacts of AI on SEO brother us to rank our website. You should keep in mind that Google’s trouble is to show the appropriate result in the snippet like the picture given below.

Impact of AI in SEO

Future of Search Engine Marketing:

Search engine marketing depends on Search Engine Optimization. But due to the adverse impact of AI on SEO, almost all the digital marketing agency is facing too much complexity. However, they are going to paid search to avoid such hassles.

Instead of confronting such stress in doing proper SEO there is a huge opportunity in Digital Marketing or Search Engine Marketing. People feel more comfortable in online purchasing rather than going to shop.

The percentage of online shoppers is increasing day by day. Here is a statistic: –
1. Year- 2014     42.7%
2. Year-2015      44.3%
3. Year-2016      45.4%
4. Year-2017      46.4%
The growth rate suggests all about the future of content marketing. So, forgetting the difficulty grab the opportunity. The difficulty will automatically vanish.

How do you overcome such a situation?

Implementation of AI in search engine algorithm changes a lot in ranking factor. At the same time, it provides a good user experience also. Moreover, it wiped out the “Black Hat SEO” from the web.

In the circumstances, the following strategy which I promised above may help you rank your website or blog. Let’s have a look.

Tips #1. Optimize your site properly with the AMP version. As per statistic user of the Internet with mobile surpasses computer users. An absolute AMP page will rank high in comparison with a responsive site.

According to me, Google gives first priority to the page with the AMP version. As it prefers mobile first-index so think of it. It will be helpful as per my opinion.

Tips #2. Use own images instead of stock photos of a site. It will help improve your originality. As a result users’ interaction will be good. They will spend more time in your page reducing the bounce rate.

The image must be highly optimized. It must contain Alt Tags so that search engine crawl it perfectly. Keep in mind that a proper picture tells 1000 words. So, use the fittest image according to your niche.

Tips #3. Publish unique and creative content instead of copying someone’s article. Your content must be in easy and lucid language so that every kind of reader understands it easily.

Publishing such content will show your creativity and users will revisit your website again and again. This will help your site to rank high gradually.

Tips #4. Interlink your post to attract the users’ attention to another post and also to give priority to the pillar post. If you are successful in ranking a post of your site, the other post will automatically rank. As the users reading your content will be attracted to the others. So, without doing anything focus on creating content superbly.

Tips #5. Last but not least, don’t do “Black Hat Method”. Just publish your content Google will do the rest.

Tips #6. Create a YouTube channel and link your website to it. Make face cam video which will help you in making a brand. In Google’s point of view, a Brand is more reliable than a normal site.

One thing that I forget to say is that you have to research your long-tail keyword perfectly and properly. You may have to give some time for doing that. A proper keyword has a great result in ranking.


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