Impact of sending email on SEO, The Best Approach To Blogger:

This post on the “Impact of sending email on SEO” will be very helpful if you are a blogger, website owner, a digital marketer or a content marketer. However, there is a lot of confusion about whether it has any negative impact on your Website’s SEO. If you go through the post, you will find your query.

Basically, digital marketers use this method to promote a product. But now a days every blogger, website owner or affiliate marketer is using this technique. I observed that there are many questions concerning this topic. Therefore, obtaining a lot of knowledge and doing too much research I am publishing this post.

Impact of sending email on SEO

Let’s get a brief look into it:-

There are many articles on the Internet revealing that sending email does not have any effect on Search Engine Optimization. It is really true in SEO’s point of view as they told.

But, to me, it has some advantages to rank your site. You may think how? Then I am explaining it broadly step by step.

Why do we need to send Email and what is the impact of sending Email on SEO?

People around the world are using Smartphone instead of the feature phone. Are you using a Smartphone? It’s probably “Yes”. Then you know the functionality of a Smartphone whether it is Android or iOS. Every Smartphone needs Email id to get it activated.

Therefore, every Smartphone user has their Email Id. If you collect those Id and send lucrative mail to their mailbox with a link of your article, there is a huge probability of clicking the link.

If they click the link and come to your website, you will have a visitor. And if they get interested in your article, they must read it. But you have to write an article according to their need.

Suppose you are writing an article on SEO and Digital Marketing and you send a mail to a person who even does not know what is SEO and Digital Marketing. Will, he or she read your article? The answer is simply “No”. So, choose those people who really need it.

How do you know who is interested in your niche?

The answer is waiting for you. Read it carefully. It is written in a simple and easy language-

You will have to capture email from those people who are interested in your niche. How do you capture email from those people? To collect email Id according to your content you have to join FaceBook group.
You may have to do some social engineering(SE) to search those people. SE is very helpful to know the people’s behavior, their interest and their activity on the Internet.

If you have some knowledge of social engineering, you will easily discover the people as per your niche.
How do you capture Email which has a great impact on SEO?

By grabbing the method which I mentioned below you will be able to capture email easily.

Here is the method of capturing Emails-

Method No #1.

You will find many chrome extension in chrome store which will help you to grab the mail id from those group. This extension will assist you to create a mailing list. I am mentioning some extension.

1. Xtra Pro.
2. Email Extractor.
3. Email Qualifier.

After collecting some mail id using these tools send mail to those persons. If they get interested in your article, they will revisit your website. Finally, this technique will help you to create yourself a Brand. You may know that Google prefers Brand website rather than a normal site or blog.

You may get confused thinking that how will it make yourself a Brand? It is very simple. You will get acquainted with that person who comes to your site. This will help you to be a Brand name because they will see your site logo, domain name and the name of the article writer also. Is not it simple?

If you succeeded to make yourself a Brand name, people will reach your site by typing your domain name only. For this, you will generate more traffic on your website. And more traffic means higher in rank on Google page. This is the impact of sending email on SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Precaution to be taken before sending mail to an unknown person:-

Though you have to keep in mind that sending Email to an unknown person without his or her consent is illegal. So, be careful about it.
You may check his or her intention sending only a mail. If the person does not unsubscribe you, you can send email to him or her assuming that your mail gets them benefit.

Method No #2.

You can use MailChimp, Hello Bar which are free tools to capture Email. This is the legit way of collecting email id. But it is possible only when you are able to rank your one of the articles you published in the Google’s first page. Otherwise, no one will find you.

If you are able to rank a post in the first page, just use MailChimp or Hello Bar and start capturing mail id. You can use it to the widget area of the post or as a pop-up window to capture your visitor’s email id. There is no risk for sending mail to those people because they already subscribed your site after reading the privacy policy.

Method No #3 

The Best Method of Capturing and Sending Email:

This method is similar to the previous one. Instead of using MailChimp or Hello Bar you can capture email by using Feedburner account which is Google’s product and is completely free. According to me, this is the perfect practice of encapsulating Email.

If you use Feedburner, you need not to send mail to your subscriber again and again. They will get notified as soon as you publish a post on your site or blog.

These are the process of capturing Email Id and sending mail to those person who is interested in your article. The answer to the subject “ Impact of Sending Email on SEO” still remains incomplete. Do you agree with me? If yes, then dive into it.

1. What kind of role does it play on SEO?

As per my research, Google gives first priority to those pages which generate more traffic. If you are capable of getting more traffic on your blog’s or website’s pages by sending emails and provoking them to come into the page, your blog’s page must rank in the Google’s first page.Impact of sending email on SEO

Besides that if the users come to your site, read the content you published and leave a good comment then your page will definitely rank. I assure you about that. This is my personal experience.

2. Is there any negative impact on your site for sending email?.

Yes, there is a negative impact also. If you don’t satisfy your users by producing proper content before them they will surely leave your site. This behavior of users will have a negative impact on SEO’s point of view. Repeated back click will down rank your page.

So, carefully write your article that will give your users some values. SEO depends on your content. There are no alternate methods. You should always keep in mind that “Content is the King”.

If you write a valuable article and send mail to your subscriber or to those persons who have inquisitiveness in your topic, the person will undoubtedly come to your site.

Here arise a question how to write user friendly Email:-

Writing email is an art. A good quality email will attract your users. This only happens if you keep practicing it. You may follow the tips for writing user friendly email. However, it varies from person to person. But this tips also useful.

Here are the tips on how to write user friendly emails.

Tips# 1. First of all,  write it according to your article with a proper heading.

Tips#2. Don’t write like an essay which a student writes in their exam paper. People don’t have so much time to read it. Just write some sentences with the proper paragraph. Use some color in your text which is important for attraction.

Tips#3. Don’t use any images. If you use many images in your email, it will take time to open. Therefore, the person getting irritated will not open it at all.

Tips#4. Don’t use complicated words. Write it with simple words so that everyone can understand it properly and easily.

Tips#5. In the middle and at the end of the email leave your article’s URL. That’s all you have to do to take him or her to your web-page.Impact of sending email on SEO

Lastly, I suggest you not to send email frequently. It will irritate your users and they will unsubscribe you. You will lose your subscribers. Send only one email a week.

However, sending too much email to a person will make you a spammer and it will have a negative impact on your site.

Conclusion on the impact of email sending on SEO-

There are many blog post and YouTube videos that reveal that sending email has no impact on SEO. Therefore I have a question why all the bloggers use subscriber’s button on their blog. Even I also have subscribed a lot of blogs to get mail from their ends.

Why I subscribed many blogs? Two of them are Neil Patel and Backlinko because I want to read their post as soon as they published. As it helps me a lot for doing SEO on my blog. They generate traffics by sending mail to people like me.

So, without delaying keep growing your email list and send mail while you publish a post on your site or blog.


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