Micro Niche Site Ideas for Affiliate Marketing

While watching YouTube videos, I came across many Channels talking about micro niche site ideas for affiliate marketing or content marketing that are the trending topic of making money online. As a digital marketer, I also came to realize the necessity of such approaches. But the videos I watched do not satisfy me entirely with the questions-

  • What’s a micro niche site or website?
  • What are the most popular micro niches site ideas?
  • How do you create a micro niche website?

Therefore, I started studying on it, and after gaining knowledge, I published this article. Here I am explaining this one by one.

What is a Micro Niche Website?

A micro niche site is the subsection of a niche site where a particular portion is picked up and subsequently published the article on that sole basis. You may call it sub-niche of a niche. For example, Health is a niche, and it is divided into many sub-niche like fitness, weight loss, diet control, home remedies of a disease etc..


The intention of creating such a site or blog is to rank in Google’s first page quickly without tearing the hair of our head for SEO. Besides that, a blogger can earn a lot of money which is now the primary goal of a blogger or a website owner.

Now come to the point…..

What are the most popular and profitable micro niche site ideas?

Are you getting tired of thinking and exploring the internet for finding such ideas? If so, this article is for you.

Here you will find 30 such site ideas and how to monetize it. Have a cup of tea and start reading……….

1.Mobile camera review-

Everyone is using a smartphone and at the same time its camera for taking the selfie, the image of a lovely scene or photo of a special moment. Nobody carries a digital camera always. However, everyone brings his or her Smartphone with them. Therefore, taking a picture for the above-mentioned purpose is comfortable with a phone.

So, making a website for the mobile camera review may be fruitful for you if you have knowledge and passion for photography. The competition of such sites is meager. You can rank it very quickly.

Do you have a passion for it? Just go and purchase a domain associating to the camera of a phone and launch your dream. Write a unique and reliable article to monetize your site. It will help improve your audiences.

How to monetize it-  

People with or without having the passion for photography search the review of the camera of the phone which he or she is going to purchase.  They explore it in buying intention which is the exclusive benefit of making such site.

You can monetize it with an affiliate link if you convince your visitors by providing satisfactory reviews. Google Adsense is another option for monetization. Besides these, some companies will offer you to review their product if you succeed in popularising your blog or site. And for this, you will charge money according to your will.

2.Mini Water Pump for Home [Review]-

A water pump is an essential thing primarily in the urban area. The people use it at their home for cleaning, watering the garden, washing their car and many more purposes.

But I found not many informative articles on it. If you create such a micro niche site by contributing legit information like water flow speed, cost, electric consumption, etc., you will grab the attention of the readers.
Are you crazy about it? If so, you can emerge your dream of making money online. Just clutch one of the branded water pump available globally, do some research on it and publish articles on it.

For monetization, you need not worry about it. As soon as you persuade your readers with proper and worthy information, you will convert them into customers.

Just leave an affiliate link of the pump you are notifying about and earn through affiliate commission.
One thing I suggest you not to deceive your readers with wrong information. It will, in the long run, ruin your blog’s reputation.

Only buy a domain and hosting and start your site……………

3.Celebrity Shoe Brand-

micro niche site

The youth are inquisitive to know about their favorite actors or actress’ lifestyle such as what they eat, they wear etc.. 

Some of them also wear their dress or shoes precisely like their favorite actor or actress. Therefore, creating such a blog or site can be profitable. If you want, you can build it quickly. But you have to keep your eyes open always as it is ever changing cranny. These types of blogs will rank very easily, and the traffic will be flooding your site.

You can monetize it by an affiliate link. You can also do it using Google Adsense and Media dot Net.

4. Planting Flower Tree-

We all admire flowers. We shall encounter many people around us who like to plant flower trees in their house. This is their hobby. Sometimes they make their flower garden on the roof of their home. Building such micro niche sites, you will be able to accommodate those people with decent information.

You will provide them where to buy the seeds, saplings and the fertilizers for making their garden a beautiful one.

I observed that many people try to find insecticide for killing insects which are destroying the budding flowers of their garden.

micro niche site

In the case of monetization, it is a little bit of finicky rather than other micro niche websites. You have to depend upon Google Adsense or Media dot Net.

Sometimes you will have the chance of paid promotion from some fertilizer companies.

5.Paddy Cultivation Tips-

If you are an Indian, you know the importance of the cultivation of paddy and agriculture. It is the primary source of income of Indian villagers. Presently the farmers are using the internet for improving their crops with a considerable quantity.

Hence, they surf the internet for proper information. If you have conceptions of agriculture, constructing such kind of micro niche website or blog can be propitious for you and your readers.

There is a considerable probability of establishing a local business by composing good quality of content in the native language. This is an excellent micro niche site ideas for you if you live in the village of India.

Besides that, you can monetize your blog with local business advertisements. There are many local shops owner ready to place posters on your blog if you get to familiarise your blog or site.

Again you can monetize your micro niche site of paddy cultivation tips with the affiliate link of some agricultural tools. These kind of tools are available in the Amazon and other affiliate associates.

6.Movie Reviews[For Specific Actor or Actress]-

The movie is one of the best forms of entertainment. Almost all the people whether they are young or old watch movie. Therefore, a micro niche site of a particular actor or actress will be healthy. If you desire to earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing, you can.

I recommend you to target your own favorite actor or actress’ movie and start reviewing.

Thinking how to monetize it? It is straightforward. While reviewing a movie, you will describe the outfits of the actor or actress. Hence, leave an affiliate link.

Just make your site with the keyword “top ten movies of XYZ actor or actress”. At present, the competition of this keyword is very low. Therefore, to rank your is very simple.

7.Modern Bathroom Decoration Idea-

Modern people are trying to decorate their bathroom ultra modern. They don’t think about money. They just want to show how their bathroom is renovated. Therefore, they always search for ideas in Google.

Sometimes they take shelter to decorators for making their bathroom a beautiful one. Hence, you can help those people with unusual and lucrative ideas. The ideas of making such a micro niche site is really a fantastic one.

You have to provide them with the real and stunning image of toilet illustration to convince your audiences.

In the case of monetization, you can sell many products such as bathtub, shower, tap and so on………

Just, insert a picture and leave affiliate link of it.

8.Modern Kitchen Decoration Idea-

This is also like the same as the above. It is a micro niche site under Home Decoration niche site. If you have some idea of decorating and coloring a modern kitchen where everything will be near the hand of the chefs, you can go for it.

micro niche site

Think that today’s people don’t care about money. They always want to get the best value whether it is an idea or product.

By building such kind of micro niche site for affiliate marketing, you can attract those people to you and thereby make money with affiliate marketing.

Basically, housewife searches this kind of product. So, think of it and publish articles which they like.

9.Modern Bedroom Color Ideas-

Are you a painter? If, yes. You can earn a lot by providing proper and attractive ideas of coloring bedroom. A bedroom is a place where we take complete rest at night after days toil.

So, we always try to keep it clean and highly decorated to keep our mind fresh at the time of sleeping.

The color of the room is very crucial for such kind of decoration. You have to provide too many good quality images on your site.

To monetize such a micro niche site with affiliate link is a little bit difficult. You can suggest your readers keep a flower vase, a teddy bear etc. in the room and request them to purchase these things through your affiliate link.

Getting disappointed? Stop!!….. There are also some other options for monetization. You can monetize your micro niche site with Google Adsense and Media dot Net.

10.Health Fitness Idea-

Who does not like to keep his or her health fit? The answer is probably everyone. I found almost all the people around me are facing a lot of trouble relating to their health. Some of them are suffering from High Blood Sugar, or the others are from High Blood Pressure.

micro niche site ideas

In the circumstances, the victims are always trying to get help from the web. They are Googling all the times.

Therefore, a micro niche site for a particular disease would be helpful for those people. You will rank this kind of micro niche website for affiliate marketing in the Google first page. But not easily….But not impossible. You have to do smart work.

Please, do research for going to make such kind of blog or website as it is a vast area.

If you succeed in ranking your site, your income from your blog will not be less. You can’t imagine how much money you will earn from affiliate marketing.

You just grab a keyword on that distinct disease with a domain matching such an illness and launch your micro niche site.

11. Green Tea- Making Process[For Blood Sugar]-

We all are aware of the power of Green Tea, especially on Blood Sugar. And people around the world are undergoing in such a disease. They are very anxious about controlling their sugar level. If you have the idea of making green especially for the mentioned disease, you will win the race of creating a beautiful micro niche site.

micro niche site ideas

Thinking for monetization!!!!………. It is very easy. Write a valuable article and promote a product relating to green tea with an affiliate link.

If you satisfy your readers, your readers will definitely buy the product from your link. And the next option is Google Adsense or Media dot Net.

Here is a keyword for your micro niche site “green tea for blood sugar” which may help you to rank your site within a few weeks.

Just buy a domain and hosting and launch your website if you are thinking for making money online through affiliate marketing from a micro niche website.

12. Veg Cake Making Process-

The cake is a delicious and excellent food among the children. Not only children but also for us. But when a child tells his/her mother to prepare a cake at home informing that some of his/her friend’s mom makes it at home. And at School, they ate it together.

His/Her mom, if not acquainted with how to prepare it, just grab her phone and Google it.

And if it is veg cake, the mom just think and think!!!! How to prepare it.

Therefore, a micro niche site for Veg Cake Making Process will come to assist her. If you produce a proper guide for preparing such a cake, she will be your regular visitor.

Hence, selling a product with an affiliate link will not be difficult. You will earn by pushing some other kind of valuable commodity through your micro niche site.

So, this kind of micro niche website for affiliate marketing is very profitable. Just write some valuable articles and keep watching in your account.

But I suggest you not to misguide your audience. If you misguide, you will lose your reliability and faith.

You may go for the keyword “Veg Cake for Child”. Just launch your website after buying a domain according to your niche and start earning passively.

13.Epson Printer Review-

A printer is essential for every type of business and offices. People are in search of a dependable quality printer. If you have ideas or experience on the printer, you can start reviewing it.

At present Epson printer is in high demand in the market. Therefore, the search rate is also high.

The idea of making such a micro niche site will be fruitful if you want to make money online from homes like a digital marketer or content marketer.

micro niche site

But keep in mind while reviewing a product, you must tell its pros and cons. As per my point of view and the research I made I found that exaggeration of any product can’t be converted into a sale.

If you want to convert your visitors into customers through your micro niche website, first of all, you have to convince them.

When you become successful in this stuff, you will monetize your website with an affiliate link. On the other hand, you can also make money through Advertisements like the method as mentioned earlier.

14.CFL  Bulb Reviews-

CFL Bulbs are trending in the markets. People are using these bulbs to cut down their electricity bill. Therefore, a micro niche website clasping a particular brand will make your site visible in the Google first page.

You have to do a little bit of hard work for ranking. But not so like a niche site with a vast topic. Published some articles within 1500 to 2000 words and make some backlink and your site will be skyrocket.

I forget to mention one point that you can also build a micro niche site for affiliate marketing for LED Bulbs. LED bulbs and Tube are more effective than CFL. So, you can go for it.

You will build your site with the keyword “Low cost LED Bulb and Tube”. Work only on one keyword. Don’t focus on multi keywords. This is the uppermost and main criteria of a micro niche site.

Note- Keyword is changeable. So, research before working on a keyword….

15.Budget Multimedia Speaker-

We all love listening to songs. Therefore, a multimedia speaker is necessary for it. A good quality speaker with decent cost is high in demand.

If you want to earn money, you can promote those speakers by building a micro niche website for affiliate marketing.

Just buy a domain comparing to your brand and review. Remember one thing- domain plays a crucial role in this kind of site. So, be careful before buying a domain.

If you have a YouTube channel, you will have some kind of extra benefits. You will convince your visitors by playing some music. So, create a Youtube Channel and insert the video on your site.

Budget Multimedia Speaker of [Brand Name]” is also a good keyword for making your micro niche site. You can try for it. But before going for it, you must do some research on it using Google Keyword Planner which is a free tool.

16.Railway Job Result-

If you are an Indian, you must know the demand of Govt. job in India. Indian Railways conduct many examinations throughout the year. Basically, the job hunters search this kind of Result Publishing site. And the searches are enormous. If you are able to rank your site, which is not very difficult, you can earn a lot of money.

But you can’t make too much money through affiliate marketing. You can only promote some books through it.

On the other hand if you sale eBook, you may earn too much money as the commission of selling eBook is much more than any product.

But don’t be frustrated. You can make money through Google Adsense and other Ads Networking sites.

The advantage of making such a micro niche website is that you don’t have to write 2000 or 3000 words blog post. You can rank it with publishing only 500 to 1000 words post with some official website link.

The disadvantage of making such a site is that you have to stay focused all the time. You have to know which examination is going to be held and which result is going to be published. So, keep active yourself on the web at least two hours, one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening

17.Inverter Review-

Are you an Indian? If “Yes”, then you know the necessity of an Inverter in India. Powercut is very often in our country. People get irritated at it. In summer we have to suffer a lot. As a result, almost all the people want to buy an Inverter for their home.

If you have any interest in electrical goods, you can make a micro niche site on it. You need not to do a lot of work on your website for selling product using an affiliate link.

Here is a keyword- “inverter under 5000” by which you can rank very easily. You can see the keyword difficulty and search volume of the said keyword. I took a screenshot of it. I use ahrefs for keyword research.

micro niche site

So, I request you to build your site as soon as possible if you are thinking of making money online through affiliate marketing or something else.

You can sell Inverter, Battery and other related utility through your website. Just think of the possibility…..

Go and buy your domain. “BestInverter.In” is available at present.”Inverterunder5000.In” is also a good domain and it is also available.

18.Coupon Code-

Do you know how many websites are launched every second in the world? Your head will startle after watching the result. It is approximately 7. Now multiply it with 3600×24, you will get the result of each day.

You may think why I am telling this!!!!!!… This is because every website needs a domain name and a hosting. Do you realize now? It is probably “Yes”.

Therefore, making a micro niche website using the keyword “ Hosting Coupon Code For GoDaddy” will be very helpful for you.

You can rank it very easily and people are searching for it. Even I am also..

When I need hosting I searched a coupon code before purchasing because it gives me some discount.

You will get a commission from the hosting company and the commision is not little. Just view the commission.

Note- The commission is changeable.

Couponcodeforhostinggodady.com domain is presently available. Just check it in your favorite domain seller website.

19.Mountain Climbing Kits-

Many people around the world like to explore the mountain of the world. They are different from the common man. They always try to do something different. But as per my research, there is not so much information available in this kind of exploration.

Have you any idea or first-hand experience of mountain climbing? If so, you can make a lot of money by creating a micro niche site using “Mountain Climbing Kits” keyword.

Just provide those people with the tools they need for climbing a mountain and sale it through your affiliate link.

I suggest you give them reliable and proper information. If you don’t so, I request you not to build a fake site with fake information.

Your false information can take many lives as mountain climbing is very risky.

20.Pre Schooling Guide-

Everybody loves their children and always think about their education. But the problem is that there is not enough information on the web especially in a specific location.

Suppose, I am living in a small town, and when I search for a preschool guide for my child I could not find the relevant result on my quarry.

Therefore, making a micro niche site for a specific region for the topic mentioned above can be extremely beneficial for your audience. Just pick the keyword “Pre School Guide for XYX City/Town.” You can rank your blog within a few weeks.

micro niche site

The specialty of building this kind of website is that you don’t have to write too many articles.

You can monetize your site with an affiliate link for selling school bags, Books, Shoes and other kinds of products related to education.

Besides that, there are many ads networks that you can use.

I recommend you to buy a regional or country-specific domain for launching your website.

21.India Temple Tour Guide-

India is one of the best and famous religious countries. There are many temples in this country. People all over the world come to visit these historical temples throughout the year.

If you have knowledge in this specific niche, you can build a micro niche site by adopting a particular region or state.

Here is keyword suggestion for you-” [Name of the State] Temple Tour Guide.” You can rank your site very quickly.

If you are thinking about how to monetize your site, there are a lot of option. You can do it by placing Ads or referring customers to a hotel.

For affiliate marketing, you can guide the tourists by providing the proper information like which things they have to carry to stay there, which is available and which is not.

You can also guide them by instructing which clothes are comfortable to stay there etc. and thereby inserting affiliate link.

22.Mobile Ram Review-

Today’s youth are using their mobiles as their gaming device. For playing games in the smartphones, RAM is essential. You can’t imagine how many searches are made only in India.

Do you have any idea in Mobile Ram? I think you probably…..

Build a micro niche site taking a specific brand of mobile. You can optimize your site with the keyword “Mobile Ram of [ABC] and [Model No.].”

This kind of micro niche site is perfect for affiliate marketing. You can sell many mobiles and its accessories through an affiliate link.

Just buy a domain and a good hosting and launch your site. This, to me, is one of the best one.

Stay focused on the market and write some articles and keep watching your income. Believe me, it will help you earn a lot of money.

23.Motorcycle Ladies Helmet-

The riding motorcycle helmet is essential, and for ladies, it is much more critical. I found many blogs reviewing helmets for men. But there are some articles available on ladies helmet. If you are interested in it, you can make a micro niche blog over it.

Again I remind you that riding a motorcycle helmet is must to escape accident and even death.

Therefore, people are always in search of a good and safety helmet.

Here is a keyword suggestion for you-”Motorcycle ladies helmet review.” You need to buy a domain which matches your niche and keep publishing the post with the affiliate link.

You must insert images of that particular helmet to attract your readers.

There is a little bit of competition in this niche, but you can beat them easily with good quality content.

Remember one thing…….

The first and foremost criteria of content marketing are to provide good quality content.

24.Mobile case of Vivo-

Vivo Smartphone is dominating the Indian market now for its high resolution and innovative selfie camera. 90 out of 100 people are using Vivo phone only in India. The ratio may vary from time to time.

Do you realize the popularity of the phone?

Therefore, the demand for Vivo phone case is high in orders. If you search using “Mobile case of Vivo,” you will find only 9 to 10 result on it.

It means that only 9 or 10 micro niche site is working on this keyword. If you make such a website with the same keyword, you can rank on the Google first page beating the other.

Just go to Amazon or Flipkart and select all the case of Vivo and publish content on it. You don’t have to write a lengthy blog post like this one.

But one thing I recommend you is to choose a good domain name which will suit your niche.

Are you thinking about monetization? The same procedure as I mentioned above can be applied in your case. So, don’t think of it.

If you are Non-Indian and reading this article, you can go for your country-specific mobile phone and do likewise.

25.Science Model Ideas for Students-

Almost all the students stumble into trouble when they are told to make a model. To get ideas, they go to Google. There are many websites concerning these topics. But if you grab one particular class and share thoughts, you will win the race.

micro niche site

If you search for “Science Model Ideas for class 10”, you will encounter some YouTube videos and a few websites.

Therefore, making such a micro niche site will be your asset for making money online through affiliate marketing or content marketing.

You will monetize it instructing your readers what instruments or commodity they have to use for constructing this model and thereby leaving affiliate link of those instruments of things.

You can also monetize your blog with advertisements. So, don’t think of it. Just rank your article in the Google first page. The money will automatically come to your Bank.

Feeling board……….. Reading this long and lengthy article.

Let’s have a break ….

26.Professional Course Guide-

There are too many students always in search of an extraordinary professional course. They do so to get an attractive job for living a decent life. But the information available on the internet is not enough which I feel.

Only a few websites are working on it. Some of them are ranking in with just inserting one or two videos. If you search with the keyword “professional course guide,” you will find it.

Therefore, to me, a proper micro niche site picking up a particular field like ITI, Diploma in Pharmacist in [Region Name] giving adequate information will be rankable.

You have to write the article accurately such as when to admit, were to communicate for admission, career scope of the course, Govt. Job scope and so on.

Though the competition is a little bit of high in this field but can’t be unbeatable.

If you want you can go for this kind of micro niche site.

But the problem is that you can’t monetize your site with affiliate programmes. You have to depend only on advertisements networks.

So, I request you to decide yourself before choosing such a niche.

But if you talk to some private colleges and refer some students, they will give some referral commission.

27.Nikon DSLR Lens Guide-

If you are a photographer or have knowledge about photography and you want to make a micro niche blog of your own, you can go for it.

When I research with the phrase [Nikon DSLR Lens Guide], the result surprise me. I found only four websites are there in this niche.

Only a few articles with high definition image taking from the lens you are guiding is enough to rank.

Do you have any idea of Photography?

micro niche site

If your answer is “Yes,” don’t delay. Just go and buy a domain and hosting and launch your site as early as possible before someone else.

Running an affiliate programme is very easy by this kind of site.

What you have to do is to leave an affiliate link while reviewing and guiding for purchasing a lens.

Keep in mind Nikon is a Global Brand of Camera. Therefore, you can target all most all the country for affiliate marketing.

So, buy a .com domain and a good hosting. Cloud Hosting will be good for this kind of micro niche site.

Hurry up!!! And launch your site for passive income from home.

28.Baby Care at Night-

After the day’s toil, everyone wants to take a sound sleep at night. But if you have a baby and it does not sleep well at night, what you will do then. You must try to soothe your baby. To do this, you need proper knowledge which you don’t know.

Therefore, the one way of obtaining proper instruction is the Internet.

If you are a mother of a child, you may have knowledge of this concern. You can guide those parents thoroughly as I think.

Do you? If so, don’t waste your time. Write some articles on it and published these immediately.

Your site will be boomed within a few weeks. Believe me…..

Don’t think of earning. As soon as you rank your blog, you can make through affiliate marketing or advertisements. In the case of affiliate marketing, you have to review some products which you practiced to console your child at night.

micro niche site

29. Making Quilts for Dog-

In foreign countries keeping pets at home are common to all. They love their pets which include the dog as much as they love their child.

As we know almost all the western countries are very cold in winter, a quilt is a must for everybody. And for their pets they also need it.

People are in search of a comfortable and warm quilt for their beloved pet. They find the solution of making this type of quilt at home with the help of an expert.

Therefore, a micro niche site on Making Quilt for Dog at Home might be a problem solving one.

An excellent and informative blog will fulfill the need of such people. If you have such information, you can make.

There you will merchandise these types of product through an affiliate link.

Do you have such information or idea? If so, go and earn money by creating a blog or site.

30. Making Kennel-

Making kennel for their dog is also a good idea for designing such a site. You can also work on your site exactly like the one I mentioned above.

For monetization, you can affiliate some products which will help to make their pet’s kennel.

“Idea of Making Kennel” is a distinct keyword for making such a micro niche site. If you want, you can create such a website.

I found only two or three websites are working on this keyword. So, grab the possibility of ranking your site very quickly.

To capture the global audience, you have to purchase a .com domain.

Throughout the article, I told you about affiliate marketing. You have a question in your mind-How does affiliate marketing work? Go through my other article on the subject.

The best micro niche websites among the lists-

According to me all most all the ideas I described above are good for making a micro niche site.

But among them, the followings are the best-

  • Mobile camera review.
  • Nikon DSLR Lens Guide.
  • Mobile case of Vivo.
  • Mobile Ram Review.
  • Making Quilts for Dog.

These types of site are very profitable for running an affiliate programme and making money online sitting at home.

You may ask why these are profitable. Here are the reasons-

REASON#1. People come to search for buying intention.

REASON#2. Search volume is very high.

REASON#3. Lack of availability in the local markets, the conversion rate is very high.

REASON#4. The opportunity of comparison with various products.

REASON#5. Easy and quick ranking.

How do you create a micro niche website?

I have already mentioned some points of the question. Instead, there are some left. Let’s have a brief look into it.

First of all, chose a platform for launching your micro niche site for affiliate marketing. It may be Blogspot or WordPress. But my suggestion in this regard is WordPress. You may think why not Blogspot. Because it is Google’s product and you can not use it as a business purpose. Besides, you will not optimize your site properly.

If you don’t do proper SEO, you will not rank your site.

On the other hand, WordPress has a lot of option for doing your site’s seo properly. There you will have Yoast SEO plugin, All in One SEO plugin and a lot more functionality which will assist you to step by step. And after all, it will be your own.

In Blogspot, if you do something wrong or go against Google’s policy, your site will be wiped out overnight. You can do nothing.

But in WordPress, none can interfere in your activity.

So, to me, choose WordPress for making your micro niche site. You don’t need to know a single line of code.

If you are facing any problem, you can contact me through Email. I will assist you without any charge or money. My Email Id- info@bsptecmix.com


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